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DMX control is built-in.

DMX?  We already do it!

Light-O-Rama LOR1602W intelligent dimmer. 30 amps. 16 channels. Commercial use.LOR controllers can also understand DMX-512.  The entertainment industry is constantly evolving as viewers expect more elaborate productions.  The behind-the-scenes infrastructure required to support these shows is sophisticated, complicated and expensive.  Lighting designers know the hidden costs of production: huge power requirements and more air conditioning to dissipate all the extra heat generated.  With hundreds of sophisticated light fixtures in a production requiring equipment racks full of expensive dimmer packs, the costs never seem to stop escalating.

Light-O-Rama adapted its proven off-the-shelf light controllers to be plug and play compatible with the show industry DMX-512 lighting standard.  Other than a cable adapter to jump between the RJ-45 Light-O-Rama network connector and the DMX-512 3 pin XLR jack, there’s no need for special adapters or dedicated dimmer pack racks.  Our 16 channel controllers are designed to handle 10 amps per channel (30 amps maximum per controller) and hang on your light trusses next to the fixtures saving cable and time.  More important, reconfiguring your lighting becomes easier because of the portability of the controllers. DMX: it’s built into our light controllers at no extra charge

Most Light-O-Rama computerized light controllers work great in DMX-512 environments.  Our Showtime Pro commercial controllers as well as the Showtime PC residential series have on-board firmware smart enough to sense whether the data network it’s connected to is our standard Light-O-Rama or the industry standard DMX-512 protocol.  When DMX-512 is sensed, our light controllers mimic 16 dimmer packs and can save your production company serious money.Professional lighting designers love Light-O-Rama lighting controllers because they can continue using the proven DMX protocol they are comfortable with.  Light-O-Rama controllers are typically less than half the costs of dimmer packs and are already weatherproof for outdoor applications. The best of both worlds.  DMX fixtures on a Light-O-Rama data network!DMX converter for LOR networks (click to enlarge)

If you are not a professional lighting designer and feel comfortable using our ShowTime Software Suite S2 based sequencing software, we have a special DMX-512 interface.  Add a new dimension to your display with the Light-O-Rama iDMX-1000 converter.  This industrial quality device allows you to direct DMX-512 enabled lighting and special effects fixtures with the ShowTime Software Suite or one of the ShowTime Directors.  This small device opens up the DMX512 world to your computerized show.

Have the best of DMX-512 on a Light-O-Rama Data Network

iDMX1000 DMX converter/bridge (back side) for LOR networks

  1. The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software works on your personal computer running Microsoft Windows and allows you to design your own shows.  ShowTime Software then runs your shows and sends the right commands at the right time to the various control channels.  ShowTime Software can even keep music synchronized to the controller commands.
  2. Speakers to play the music accompanying your show are attached to the computer sound card.
  3. Your personal computer communicates to the controllers using a device plugged into your computer’s serial or USB communications port.  The blue line shows the standard serial output of your computer (RS-232 or USB) out of your PC where it enters our converter that transforms the signal to the native Light-O-Rama network protocol (the green line) that connects to our various types of controllers over standard computer network wire.  We recommend Cat 5 LAN cables available from us and off-the-shelf from your local big box store in the computer section.
  4. The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Pro commercial or ShowTime PC residential controllers include special effects such as simple on/off, intensities, smooth fading, twinkling, shimmering.  Up to 200 controllers (each handling 16 unique electrical circuits) can be daisy chained on the LOR network giving you the ability to control over 3200 channels
  5. Electrical power is supplied to the controller placed close to your lights so you don’t need to run long extension cords.  Commands from the ShowTime Software suite are performed on each controller.  Power to each of the attached lighting circuits  is controlled independently.  Think of having many dimmer switches that the computer can change very quickly and independently.
  6. Connection to a DMX-512 universe using the iDMX1000 converter.
  7. DMX-512 controlled lights and fixtures in the same universe.